BalletSTA 297
Following the IDTA syllabus
Ballet is a poised style of dance that incorporates the foundational techniques for many other dance forms. This genre of dance requires a lot of practice, patience and determination but remains one of the most enjoyable and rewarding dance styles.
From the basic beginnings children progress through the IDTA Ballet syllabus. Graded examinations are taken once a year along side free work for shows exhibitions etc.
We have 5 Ballet classes a week from Junior through to senior and pointe classes.

From our poppets Tap class children progress through Junior, Intermediate and Advanced Tap.
Graded examinations are taken once a year alongside free work for shows, competitions.



Modern JazzSZ-3599
Modern Jazz follows theĀ  IDTA Syllabus and examinations are offered at all levels. However much free work is incorporated into the classes STA 187



Acrobatic Arts
Using all the gymnastics elements of power, flexibility and strength mixed with great dance technique we can achieve outstanding results.


Contemporary dance employs many modern dance techniques such as contact-release, fall and recovery, floor work, improvisation, and lifts in partnering and groups.
It also draws from other philosophies of movement that are outside the realm of classical dance technique.

SZ-3901SZ-3723 SZ-3643