Hundreds of students have passed through the doors of Splitz over the past 23 years. For many it has been a much loved hobby, for others it has been their first stepping stone into a career of music, dance and theatre.

Many students have  successfully auditioned for colleges such as Urdang, Millennium, Italia Conti, Brighton University, London studio Centre and  gone  on to perform all over the world.

Listed below are our latest students who have started their journey into the world they love.

Hannah Caughtry

Who knew that one taster class at Splitz Theatre Artz would turn into my home for the next 12 years! I started training at Splitz when I was 6 as a shy little girl who wouldn’t join in, until I was 18 when I left to pursue my career at a professional Performing Arts College! There are so many things Splitz have taught me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I found my passion and knew from a young age that performing was what I wanted to do!

I first joined Theatre School where I found my love for Musical Theatre. Splitz taught me to always be confident when you perform and this is something I will never forget to this day. They gave me the guts to stand up on stage and sing a solo and now singing at college feels effortless because of all the experience Splitz gave me. Performing on a West End stage and singing a duet from Cats the Musical has to be one of the highlights of my time at Splitz Theatre Arts. I had four opportunities to perform on the West End and I’m so fortunate to have been able to experience this. I got to live my dream and they were some of the most inspiring experiences of my life.

After watching the acrobatics routines at Splitz I knew I wanted to start taking more classes at Splitz. I joined Acrobatics when I was 10 and improved my flexibility and strength. I learnt to tumble which is something that I’m so grateful I got to learn. I then started to join other classes and before I knew it I was doing all the classes you possibly could at Splitz! I started taking part in festivals and learning solos, duets and group dances. My ability to pick up routines improved massively through this which I use at college nearly everyday. I remember Clare always telling us about performance and always using our faces in our routines, I still use this advice to this day!  

Receiving the Student of the Year award in both the Dance School and Theatre School has to be one of my biggest accomplishments at Splitz. I was never a strong dancer when I was younger so to achieve the student of the year award was a reassurance for me that this was the career I wanted to do! Since then my confidence in myself in dance has increased and dance is now one of my strongest disciplines.

I am so proud to say that I am continuing my training at Performers College in Essex, one of the top dance colleges in the UK. I am currently studying on the 3 year (BA) Hons degree in Dance and Musical Theatre. I wouldn’t have been successful in gaining a place at this highly rated college without all my teachers and friends at Splitz. I have so much to thank them for and as everyone says Splitz is like a second family and this couldn’t be more true. I was inspired everyday by Splitz and every little correction or achievement still inspires me today during professional training.

I am so grateful for all the friends I made through Splitz and each of them helped me to get where I am today. And to the teachers thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you taught me and all the experience you gave me to get me to where I am today! Splitz will always be my second family.

Amy-May Trudgeon

I joined Splitz in 2010 and it was the step up I needed from my previous school. I started dance purely out of passion and came to Splitz to turn that passion into a skill and eventually a career. After being a pupil for many years I also branched into becoming a student teacher and helping with classes as well as getting my Pre-Assosciate Qualification. I took every class possible apart from Acro class and enjoyed them all ! After leaving Splitz in 2019, I then went on to study a 3 year BAHons In Performing Arts at ICTheatre in Brighton and have just completed my first year! Although I miss my Splitz family, it has been an amazing journey so far, I’m always excited to come back and share what I have learned with them all.
Uni has opened up so many wonderful and exciting opportunities and given me scope to learn even more, but I couldn’t have made it here without Splitz and the support of the little family I’ve built there.

Jasmine Whitmore

After starting at Splitz with one class I soon realised I wanted more  so added more classes. I loved performing with Splitz at competitions and their annual show and my passion to be ‘on stage’ continued to grow. I have been in many local productions of musical and I thank Splitz for giving me that glimpse of the world I would love to be part of. Now training full time at Italia Conti Academy of performing arts I am loving every minute of it.

I found my love of performing at Splitz Theatre Arts and I will never forget that!